Temporary Roof Anchor - SafetyLink TempLink 3000

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Temporary roof anchor

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 Temporary Roof Anchor Kit includes:

1 x TempLink 3000

1 x Bag

1 x Installation Guide

 (Roofing screws not included. These screws are available at leading hardware stores. Specifications: 14 - 10 Hex head screws; full details available in our installation guide).

• Easy to install.

• SafetyLink TempLink 3000 is a One Person Anchor.

• Detailed, easy to read installation instructions.

• Free technical advice regarding installation and use of TempLink 3000.

• The TempLink 3000 complies with Australian and New Zealand standards.

The TempLink 3000 is a temporary roof anchor device that can be installed onto a metal or tile roof. The TempLink 3000 is an extremely useful item for any person wishing to do roof maintenance where there is no permanent safety anchors. This new height safety anchor point design incorporates the same stand out features of all our height safety anchors maximising energy absorption. This dynamic design reduces the load back onto the structure and the person attached to the anchor.

The TempLink 3000 is a multi-directional anchor. A fall is never an anticipated event therefore the direction of your fall cannot be accurately predicted. The TempLink is designed and tested as multi-directional.

 The TempLink 3000 is to be installed by a competent person please see details in our installation guide. View Installation Guide