We stock a variety of fall protection equipment for working at heights.  Full body harnesses, roof workers kits, temporary roof anchors, rope lines, ascenders, descenders, rescue kits, temporary lifelines and many more.  We also stock harnesses, pulleys, lanyards, helmets and cord for Outdoor Education Centres.  If you find a product and it's not in stock please contact us at info@heightsafety.com


Product Code: TEMPL003

What am I used for?
SafetyLink’s temporary roof anchor point has been designed for use where an anchor is required for a temporary period of time in a location that does not need to be revisited. Can be used on a metal roof or timber rafters (tile roof).

TEMPLINK 3000 is a patented multi-directional fall device designed to absorb energy when a fall is arrested.

316 Stainless steel.

Lightweight compact unit, enabling easy manoeuvring to desired location.

Easy to secure tabs.

Single Person Temporary Roof Anchor Point.

Rated at 15kN.

Complies with AS/NZS 1891.4.

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