HYDRAJAWS Safety Eyebolt and ringbolt tester kit (MK11)(Export Model)

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Model 2000 Medium Duty Fixing Testers - enabling engineers to confirm the holding power of anchors in most construction materials.
The Model 2000 Eye Bolt Kit comprises the necessary accessories to enable the pull test of
common eye bolt and ring bolt fixings.


1.     Model 2000 medium duty tester
2.     50mm Stroke tester body
3.     15kn Gauge
4.     150 Load spreading bridge with level bubbles
5.     75mm Hex legs with 25mm leg extension adjustment
6.     Swivel feet
7.     M12 Locking adaptor
8.     M12 Ringbolt adaptor clevis
9.     Operating nut
10.   3mm Ball driver
11.   Allan key
12.   Spare screws
13.   Carry case with filler
14.   Operating instructions
15.   Calibration certificate