Hydrajaws M2000 Scaffold Tie tester kit with Digital Gauge

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Hydrajaws Tester

The Hydrajaws Scaffold Tie Tester Kit will test all types of anchor most commonly used for anchoring scaffold ties up to a maximum tensile load of 25kN. Adaptors include a standard Bolt Test Adaptor, M16 Threaded Stud Adaptor and M12 Ringbolt Adaptor Clevis which means a wide range of fixings can be tested. The M2000 Scaffold Anchor Pull Test kit is easy to use and light to transport.

• Detachable dual scale 25kN Analogue or Digital Gauge.
• Load spreading bridge with adjustable telescopic legs and swivel feet.
• Bolt tester adaptor with M12 locking adaptor.
• Turning Handle with 22mm integrated nut (for use in confined spaces).
• Calibration certificate (valid for 12 months).
• M12 Ringbolt Adaptor Clevis.
• M16 Threaded Stud Adaptors.
• M16 HT Hex set screw.
• M16 x120mm stud bolt.
• Robust carry case.
• Full operating instructions.

Each structural anchorage, after installation, should be submitted to an axial pull-out force of 6kN to confirm the soundness of the fixing.



Record results digitally using the Hydrajaws App and manage results and reports from a remote online dashboard (Requires a monthly subscription. Gauge, laptop and mobile not included).

The Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital system allows on-site pull tests to be automatically recorded and compiled into a digital report using the Hydrajaws Bluetooth Digital App on a mobile phone or tablet device. These reports can be sent directly to clients or managers and are stored in the cloud to be accessed remotely anywhere on a browser in a users own company dashboard.

The comprehensive report will include all test information including a pass or fail result, a visual results graph, fixing details, site location co-ordinates, date and time. Notes, images and photos taken on-site can be also be added.

Using the Dashboard a company administrator can review all test reports from all company users. They can also add notes to reports and send them directly to customers. The Dashboard contains all essential information including :

▪ All company devices and their calibration dates.
▪ All company users and licences.
▪ A GPS map containing all test sites.
▪ A list of Hydrajaws Approved International Service Centres.

Download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and start
your free trial.


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