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Model GA02 – Gridmesh Anchor Kit for Fall Protection (Two person)

The Gridmesh Anchor™ (GMA) is a breakthrough product in personal fall protection. The patented design allows a user to set a fall protection anchor point above a grid mesh clad structure across two supporting beams that distribute the load of any fall that occurs. The product can be set up quickly, without the risk of a fall, enabling a worker to access locations below safely without the need for scaffolding, rope technicians or elevated working platforms.

  • No exposure to a fall risk to install the Gridmesh Anchor.
  • Can be used by rope access personnel for an anchor point.
  • Can easily be set up above ladder access points for safe ascending and descending of ladders.
  • Proven practical device for use in confined space rescue.
  • Can be quickly and easily be installed for a rescue at height – with the 22.2kN (5000lbs) rating enabling the rescuer to connect to the same anchorage point if required.


The Gridmesh Anchor is designed for use as either a fall protection anchor or as a mobile crane device for lifting loads up to 1.2 tonne in:

  • LNG Plants
  • Petrochemical / Chemical Plants
  • Mine Platforms
  • Drilling Rigs
  • Power Stations
  • Mine Sites
  • Processing Plants
  • Oil & Gas Platforms
  • Storage & Offloading Vessels
  • Domestic Gas Plants
  • Anywhere you have grid mesh

The Gridmesh Anchor can be used by up to two people as a fall arrest anchor device. Third-party testing confirms the product provides the strength rating of 22.2kN (5000lbs) in accordance with the testing requirements for AS/NZS 5532. The device has been tested to EN795 as a single person anchor for fall protection and meets AS/NZS1891.1 requirements for single or two-person fall arrest anchors.

The Gridmesh Anchor can also be used for materials handling/lifting loads up to 1.2 tonne. See the user manual for more info.

Gridmesh Anchor Handbook

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