Skylotec Standard Roofers Kit with 15m Rope Line

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  • A complete height safety access kit with storage bag.
  • Classic CS2 general work harness with twin chest webbing fall arrest attachment and single rear D dorsal attachment.
  • Rope line with stitched eyelet and steel screw gate karabiner.
  • With a highly adjustable 15m kernmantle rope line, this kit is designed to maintain maximum user safety whilst traversing across roof spaces and working at heights.
  • The shock absorber tear webbing has a removable fabric cover for ease when inspecting and drying.
  • This kit is intended to be used with two anchor points, if multiple anchor points are to be accessed additional karabiners will need to be purchased click here.
  • Suitable for all trades requiring safe compliant access whilst working at heights.

Kit (SET-AUS-002) includes:

  • 1 x Classic CS2 general work harness.                                
  • 1 x 1m standard 25mm loop sling.
  • 1 x Ergo grip rope grab with 15m ropeline
  • 1 x Steel screw gate karabiner.
  • 1 x Personal energy absorber with easy inspection shock pack & double action snap hooks.
  • 1 x 500mm Rope storage bag with haul loops.

One of the best basic all round general roof access protection kits available. With its easy fit, comfortable and light harness and the ergonomically designed rope grab system the user will feel safe and comfortable at the same time. The personal energy absorber has a unique easy inspection cover that is removable allowing a full inspection of the inner webbing for loading, wet or damage, this ensures unparallel safety for the user, together with the captured eye snap hook karabiners this is by far the best value for money roofers kit around.