Retractable Lanyard 10m

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Retractable Lanyard

HSG HK 10m Automatic fall arrest block - SRL, ABS impact resistant shell, internals salt-water proof aluminium. 5mm gal cable with impact indicating swivel d/action 45kN steel snap hook, 23mm gate, 15kN side load.

SKYLOTEC automatic fall arrest blocks are light and compact and provide the maximum in functional safety and durability.

  • The spring return is very small, weighing just 1.5 kg.
  • The housing is manufactured from break-proof ABS plastic. The interior is made of saltwater-proof aluminium.
  • The carabiner is equipped with a fall indicator.
  • The cable is 5 mm thick and made of steel. The maintenance costs are low and the professional inspection, required annually, can take place without opening the device.
  • The devices are also approved for horizontal use according to RFU (recommendation for use) in combination with the shock absorber package. (HSG-002-10).