Milan Rescue Device 2.0 Hub with 20m Rope

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Milan Rescue Device

The Milan rescue device has been around for over 10 years and has developed itself as a standard piece of rescue equipment in many industries. With its solid construction from milled aircraft aluminium and its simplistic use it’s hard to settle for anything else.

The Milan is designed to be used to lift/lower a fallen worker to safety with minimum user effort and knowledge.

With a large winding wheel delivering 8:1 ratio for lifting and the ability to invert the system to allow the operator to descend to the fallen worker. 

When used from a work plat form above a “telestick” can be used to attach the fallen worker and lift/lower them to safety.

  • Rated for two people (280kg).
  • Maximum descent rate 0.9 metres per second.
  • Skylotec MILAN Rope & Hardware 9.0mm, 20m Rope for Rescue Kit A028. (L-0520-20).
  • Gear Bag.
  • LOOP strap sling 25 mm (L-008-0,4)