HYDRAJAWS TESTER M2000 KIT 2 Lifeline Tester Kit with Analogue Gauge

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Hydrajaws Tester

New for 2020, Hydrajaws have completely re–designed the portable cable system tester which is now lighter, more compact and very user friendly. The tester clamps directly to the 8mm wire rope and will test all the swaged components during installation and for annual inspections in accordance with existing safety standards.

The new tester comes with all the accessories to enable the operator to test existing installations including those with long terminating assemblies without any additional parts having to be used.

The combined ‘Kit 2’ with Cable Frame and M2000 Tester and accessories is offered with the following items:

▪ Test Frame fitted with Extension Bars.
▪ Knurled Cable Adaptor 8mm (10mm & 12mm optional).
▪ M2000 Tester with detachable dual scale 25kN digital or analogue gauge.
▪ Turning Handle with 22mm integrated nut
▪ Knurled adaptor 8mm.
▪ Load spreading bridge with adjustable telescopic legs and swivel feet.
▪ Bolt tester adaptor with M12 locking adaptor.
▪ M12 Ringbolt Adaptor Clevis.
▪ M12 & M16 Threaded Stud Adaptors.
▪ M12 Threaded Stud Adaptor Coupler.
▪ Calibration certificate (valid for 12 months).
▪ Robust carry case.
▪ Full operating instructions.