Karabiner Kong 733 Guide Standard D Screw Gate

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Karabiner Kong 733 Guide Standard D Screw Gate

The best and strongest carabiner for the price.

Aluminum carabiner light and high load, with screw gate and key lock system.

The D shape transfers the majority of the load on the main axis of the carabiner, which is the most resistant. The asymmetric shape is also ideal for belay systems. The screw gate allows you to have a safer closing of the gate and also makes it suitable for professional use.

The Kong Guide is a screwgate D with a breaking strength of 30kN.

Perfect for anywhere that strength is needed. With a key-lock gate/body interface, you'll enjoy snag free operation with this strong carabiner.

Main axis load 30kN.

Minor axis load 10kN.

Open gate load 10kN.