Gesipa Battery Powered Rivet Tool Powerbird BT

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Gesipa Battery Powered Rivet Tool Powerbird BT


1 x Gesipa Battery Powered Rivet Tool.
1 x Extra Battery.
1 x Case.

Gesipa Powerbird BT Cordless Rivet Tool.

Used in conjunction with Gesipa Bulbtite rivets, RV6605-9-6W (Drill size 7.8-8.2mm, 7.7 x 27.7mm length, 1.9-9.5mm grip range).

For use on installing SafetyLink's FrogLinks and Classic SurfaceLinks.

Working Range:

 - Blind rivets from Ø 4.8mm steel up to ø 6.4mm in all materials.

Design Features: Freedom:

 - Versatile cordless riveting tool for outdoor and indoor applications.

High Performance:

- The PowerBird can set blind rivets up to 1/4’’ in all materials.

High Speed Setting:

- Constant forward and backward speed of the jaw assembly.

- Immediate re positioning of the jaw assembly after completion of the setting process saves energy and increases setting frequency.

High Reliability:

- Electronic control, no mechanical switching.

- Electronic temperature and overloading monitoring.

- High efficiency through ball screw drive with low energy dispersion.

- 3 piece anti-wear jaws.


- 3/16’’, 5mm, 6mm, 1/4’’

- Extended nosepieces available.


- 1 Battery and Charger.

- Metal Carry Case.

Ergonomic Design:

- Ideal balancing and comfortable handle for low effort work.

Easy Operation:

- Exchange nosepieces and wrench stored in tool.

- Compact, shockproof plastic housing.

- Disposal of spent mandrel through action of gravity, either forwards through the nosepiece or backwards into the spent mandrel container.

Technical Data:

- Weight: 2.2Kg.

- Stroke:20mm.

- Operating voltage: 14.4V.

- Traction power: 8.500N.